Bridge That Generation Gap!

Different generations have different experiences, opinions, habits and behaviours. Not only can Sussed help generations understand each other better, it can be used to fight loneliness and make the undiscussable discussable!

Here's what some of our Amazon customers have to say about the subject!



"I bought Sussed All Sorts for my grandchildren aged 14,11 and 9 (2 boys and a girl). I liked the description on Amazon about how the game was played and how interactive it sounded. I sent it to them and they played it non-stop for several days my daughter told me. Two of them even got up early in the morning to play it before school.

When I visited they couldn't wait to show me how to play. I got 3 points where they got 20-30 so they clearly had got the idea of the game. They gave me full instructions (simple to play) and then we launched in with easily an hour of these children talking to one another, sharing their insights into their own and their siblings' likes and dislikes, choices and preferences, hopes and fears. They learned a great deal about each other (and me) that they didn't know already and had fun as the discussion expanded beyond the card game itself into all sorts of present and future thoughts.

I have bought the game on emotional intelligence for adults for playing at Christmas. I shall also be giving this as Christmas presents. A really good buy." (Mrs. Nancy H. Copley)



"Great fun way to get your kids talking about their thoughts and feelings. It's a simple game format where the winning isn't very important, whilst the conversations are. It gets kids to think about some really important issues like trust, truth, friendship and what really matters. As a Dad I sometimes struggle to get beyond the 'so how was school?' Conversation and this game opens up all sorts of interesting subjects and helps kids and parents to share and laugh about things that might never come up otherwise. The kids ask to 'play' this with us all the time." (JJ Varney)


"Played this game with my husband and 10yr and 12yr old sons while on a weekend holiday, and we all absolutely loved it. It's a great way to explore how much you know each other in a fun way. Great game." (Louise Gage)