how to make mealtime conversation totally irresistible

How would you rate your family's mealtime conversation? If it’s always fun, effortless, interesting, memorable, animated etc, you don’t need to read on.

But if you find there are times when you’re bored of talking about the same old stuff; wondering if anyone’s paying attention to what you’re saying; struggling to get children, siblings or parents speaking; or wishing others would just stop venting… (you get the idea), Sussed Lifeology could be the answer!



 According to a report by the National Literacy Trust '...children and young people who sit down to eat dinner and talk with their family are more confident communicators than those who do not...' 

Lifeology converts the traditional conversation-starter into an entertaining quiz where family members answer multiple choice questions about each other. One minute you might be talking about which gadget you’d most like to product test and the next minute you might be discussing what you’d be prepared to do to win £1,000,000.  

Playing is easy. You read aloud a scenario. Then decide which option is right for you. When you're ready, everyone else has to say which option they think you've picked. You'll have fun finding out why you all chose the answers you did!

Most important of all, by playing without scoring, Lifeology (or any other Sussed pack) won't get in the way of eating!