Are you having enough face-to-face conversation?

Recent reports suggest face-to-face conversation is just as important for staying healthy as eating, sleeping and exercising properly.

The problem is that face-to-face conversation appears to be in decline at the same time as concern over mental wellbeing is increasing.

It’s not just that we’re too busy with social media, it’s that we’re often too busy, too tired, too shy, too distracted, full stop.

Besides which, most conversations revolve around our day, the news and the weather, so coming up with something new to talk about can be a chore.

As a family business, our solution for making face-to-face conversation a compelling healthy habit has been to create a card game called Sussed.

Playing Sussed couldn’t be simpler. You take it in turns to read aloud a series of real and imaginary scenarios, then quiz each other on what you would do and why, to find out who knows who best.

Suitable for 2 – 10 people, children and adults alike, there are 9 Sussed packs with different themes - from the light-hearted All Sorts to the more deep and meaningful Vices and Virtues.

Each Sussed pack aims to show it’s who we are on the inside that counts by increasing self-awareness and empathy as well as improving speaking and listening skills.

Unlike online communication, Sussed shows how powerful body language, facial expressions and tone of voice can be when communicating in person.

Because Sussed prompts conversations people haven’t had before, it’s also a hilarious way of finding out how mistaken we can be about each other.

Sussed can be played as an ice-breaker or a competitive game where you try to win the most points.

In addition to bringing family, friends, colleagues and communities together, Sussed is designed to bring out people’s personalities by sparking imaginations, stirring emotions and getting everyone thinking.

As it’s portable, Sussed is perfect for mealtimes, journeys, parties, get-togethers, lesson plans, traffic jams, hospital visits, team builds, date-nights, Christmas…

So, if you’re looking for more one-to-one time without gadgets, you could try getting Sussed!

Mark Evans