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We’re excited to be launching a national campaign called Nothing Beats Conversation™ to raise awareness of the importance of face-to-face conversation for mental wellbeing.

Nothing Beats Conversation™ is a response to growing calls for new initiatives to promote mental health among children and adults in a bid to tackle loneliness, depression, anxiety, stress and many related issues.

Research shows that the art of face-to-face conversation is in decline and social media is no substitute for building relationships with families, friends and wider communities.

So what’s the challenge? Well, making conversation can be hard.

For one thing, the whole process of interacting, speaking, listening, paying attention, assimilating and responding is mind-boggling. For another, people are often too busy, tired, shy or distracted to talk about anything other than their day, the news and the weather.

With no end of advice and equipment to help us keep physically fit, there’s clearly a need for additional resources to help us all stay in shape mentally too.

That’s where we think we can help – with our range of mood-boosting ‘who knows who best’ card games called Sussed.

Launched in 2011, Sussed is about sparking imaginations, stirring up emotions and getting everyone thinking. It’s not what you know, but how well you know each other that counts!

To play Sussed, you pick a card, read aloud a scenario, then secretly decide which of 3 options is right for you. Having asked others how they think you’ve answered, you tell them – starting the conversation about who said what and why.

Designed to build self-awareness, empathy and inner confidence by sparking conversations people haven’t had before, Sussed is a winner of the Dad’s Choice Awards 2018 and is recommended by the Good Toy Guide. Sussed has also been reviewed by over 500 Amazon customers including parents, teachers and bosses.

If you believe in the life-changing magic of talking together in the real world, and you want to learn more about how you can get involved in the activities we’re planning around Nothing Beats Conversation™ over the next 12 months, please contact us at

Mark Evans