7 reasons to get sussed out


We're on a mission to boost face-to-face conversation. Why? We think it's the key to getting to know each other better. Because? The more families and communities understand each other, the happier and healthier we'll all be. So? We created Sussed card games to spark 'conversations for all occasions'...


How many times have you been asked how you feel on your birthday? Now’s your chance to tell everyone by getting Sussed out. As you’re the centre of attention, you read all the questions. Try more than one round and splitting everyone else into teams. What better way to celebrate being you.

Dinner parties

Why spend hours preparing food for a dinner party and leave the conversation to chance? If you get Sussed out, you can divide the rounds between the courses. It could be the perfect way to complement a wonderful meal. 

Family nights

A family talk night can be an excellent alternative to a family film night. You can eat just as much popcorn and still kick back on the sofa. Try putting technology to one side, and getting Sussed out once a week. Family bonding couldn’t be easier.


Why should book groups have all the fun? Starting a conversation group is even simpler, if you get Sussed out. Not only are you guaranteed to have something new to talk about, it’s ideal for connecting old friends with new ones. 


Long journeys seem to go a lot faster when everyone’s kept entertained. They can also be a good opportunity for getting Sussed out. There’s no need to use the score sheets. The laughs will come from finding out why everyone made the choices they did.

Team building

Everyone wants to work in an environment where they get along. So how about starting team meetings with an ice-breaker. Ask one member of the team to read aloud a Sussed question. At the next meeting ask someone else. Getting Sussed out could be great for the bottom line.


They say you know a happy couple when you see them. They’re the ones who spend as much time listening to each other as talking. Well, nothing could be more straightforward than getting Sussed out. You can use it to take a trip down memory lane or explore uncharted territory.

Mark Evans