find out why the good toy guide recommends sussed

We're delighted that our 6+, 10+ and 12+ Sussed packs have all been recommended by the Fundamentally Children Good Toy Guide. We even asked the Fundamentally Children team to test a 13+ and 15+ Sussed pack to check they were up to scratch - and they were recommended too!

Here are some snapshots of what the experts think. You can read their full reports by clicking on the links below.



ALL SORTS: "This is a great game for promoting conversation in a fun way...The game can produce humorous answers and discussions and is a lighthearted way to really help children communicate effectively and understand themselves which supports their developing sense of identity."


EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: "Getting tweens talking is difficult, getting them talking about their feelings can be even more so. This is a fun game that created laughter as well as opportunities for children to discuss their feelings and relate to each other."


 LIFEOLOGY: "We loved how well the children opened up and started talking about their hobbies, ambitions and interests... This is a great, fun way for players of all ages to improve their communication skills and strengthen relationships."


WONDERLANDS: "This is a lovely twist on the original Sussed game - we think the fantasy style is a brilliant way to inspire children's imaginations. Our testers really got chatting and laughing about their choices; the game sparked lots of interesting conversations, including some topics with ethical themes."

Vices & Virtues 5.4 - Front Box.jpg

VICES & VIRTUES: "Sussed Vices and Virtues is a really good game for encouraging discussion about personalities. It can get children thinking about how they perceive others, and give them an insight into how others perceive them too!"