Exercise Your Personality!

  We think exercising your personality is just as important for staying healthy as keeping your mind and body active. By playing Sussed you'll be able to give your personality a great workout!

Here's how...

Expand your conversation topics

Celebrate your thoughts, feelings and imagination with 1000's of  conversation topics and 100's of real and imaginary Sussed scenarios. Enjoy big talk and small talk as you encounter random possibilities, navigate tricky dilemmas and rediscover forgotten memories!

Increase your conversation circle

There's nothing like talking to different people to broaden our perspectives, but finding conversation partners can be difficult. With Sussed, not only do you get to splash out on conversation, you get to open the door to new relationships and see yourself as others see you!

Boost your conversation style

Whether you're naturally assertive, quietly expressive, expert in body language or a master of any number of other conversation styles, use Sussed to improve your listening stamina, practice your mind-reading skills and flex your empathy muscles!