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hilarious conversation card game

find out who knows who best

Sussed is a family friendly quiz game that inspires face-to-face conversation by challenging players to figure each other out. With hundreds of scenarios to decide on, you will need to use your powers of reason and intuition to discover who knows who best.

Try reading aloud the scenario below to see who can suss out your answer!

What would I prefer to do?  A. Sky diving  B. Llama trekking  C. Archery

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how to play 

Read aloud a scenario

TRY TO Suss each other out

Pick a card. Read aloud a scenario, then secretly decide which option is right for you. Ask others what they think before telling them your answer. Have fun talking about who said what and why. Whoever susses you out scores! 

Try reading aloud the scenario below to see who can suss out your answer!

I go through life looking for... A. Adventure  B. Beauty  C. Magic 


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face-to-face conversation

increases happiness

Did you know that face-to-face conversation releases natural chemicals in the brain that can increase happiness; improve the immune system; reduce pain; lower stress; boost mental health; fight dementia; combat depression; tackle loneliness; develop trust; build self-esteem; enhance productivity; overcome shyness...?

 Now that’s something worth talking about!



what amazon reviewers are saying

“brilliant, easy, fun game”  “an all round winner”  “would definitely recommend”   “very cool”   “lovely way to end a family meal”  “takes them off their iPads”   “hysterical” “ a whole host of scenarios”   “all of these games are fantastic”   “being older doesn’t give you an advantage”   “a feel-good game”   “the best presents don’t have to cost a fortune”   “appealed to 3 generations” “the game about you”   “great for teenagers”   “my hubby hates games but loved these”   “had us all in stitches”   “it’s a miracle”   “crack open a bottle of wine and who knows what answers you’ll get”   “the young, the old will love it”

sussed for families: fun bonding

Sussed helps families make the most of each other’s company – having conversations they haven’t had before, identifying misconceptions, learning about each other, bridging the generation gap, talking about the deep stuff, trusting each other more…

sussed for friends: fun chilling out

Sussed helps friends see each other the way others do – boosting self-worth, revealing potential blind spots, stopping endless discussions about work, reducing stress levels, keeping minds sharp, talking about the weirdest things they’ve ever talked about…

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sussed for couples: fun being intimate

Sussed helps partners become experts on each other – moving beyond ‘how was your day’, unearthing their true feelings, understanding each other better, making regular couple time, getting creative about the time they spend together…

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Sussed For Teachers: Fun Developing Social Skills

Sussed helps students build relationships - making conversation, listening actively, thinking before speaking, recognising their feelings and the feelings of others, asserting themselves, accepting differences, taking turns…

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Sussed For Bosses: Fun Encouraging Collaboration

Sussed helps employees work better together - encouraging face-to-face communication, increasing self-awareness, improving morale, building empathy, mitigating conflict, breaking down barriers, enhancing productivity…

sussed creators

'we are promoting the natural health benefits of face-to-face conversation' 

We love face-to-face conversation - the joking around, the intense debates, the random topics, the heart-to-hearts, the contagious laughter, the exchange of ideas, the rituals, the wild gestures, the strange expressions, the eye contact, the dramatic tones of voice…

So we’re doing all we can to promote the natural health benefits of face-to-face conversation... Because studies show conversation helps us feel great about ourselves, connect emotionally with others…

... AND live longer, no less!